“I am a self-dictating artist painting came into my world because of my father who was an art collector. From a young age, I had the chance to view and admire the works of the greatest Haitian artists.

Considering negative and belittling representations of my country, I firmly believe, that my artistic work shines a bright light on Haiti’s positive attributes and indexes my civic engagement to elevating my roots in art and creativity. My work is driven by the philosophy that art images a world of possibilities based rather on textures of lines and away I see the world. My painting is everything I would love to be while alive., and can be a vector of social change for all people––young and old. Therefore we, as artists, create to chart new affirming horizons. Currently, my collection holds more than 50 pieces that showcase my versatility in a number of styles. They reflect upon everyday life spirituality, politics, human rights, Afro- Haitian religious discographies, and the environment, etc. The works were featured at an exhibition on August 11 and 12, 2018 in Pétion- Ville, Haiti in Montreal Canada. For a preview of my abilities, you will find attached photographs of that exhibition.
I hope to have the opportunity to speak in detail with you about my work and the ways in which it could enrich the objectives of your gallery. Thank you in advance for your consideration.